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was the brain child of the late steve jobs. the city already approved the campus. it is expected to be completed by 2016. >>> san jose is finally getting some action from the u.s. commerce department. the feds announced today they're establishing a patent office in silicon valley. it's getting two years of free office space. it's the top region for patent filings. the office will include some 80 new patent judges and reviewers. >>> over the past two years, we've been privileged to bring you more than 140 stories of people making a positive contribution to our community. >> there are no signs they are slowing down. >> the first story i wanted to update you about is one of the first bay area proud stories we ever told. a virtually indestructible soccer ball. to see one in action these days, you don't have to go anywhere dangerous. just head over to the oakland zoo where they began using one world footballs this summer. why? the balls they normally used department always respond to well when being sat on by a tortoise named gus. the ball's resilience si is remarkable. >> it's been extraordinary. >>
chronicle. coming up tonight at 6:00, why twitter might remove future conspiracy theories and the steve jobs connection to november 22nd, 1963. >>> stay with us for a special edition of nightly news. brian williams will be hosting this evening's show from dallas. it begins in 15 minutes at 5:30. >>> the sheriff's deputy has released a photo of the weapon wielded by the woman shot to death by deputies. she refused demands to drop the plastic handled steak knife. she was pounding and breaking glass in san jose. she advanced on three deputies and backed one into a corner. that deputy fired her gun, killing the suspect who died at the scene. >>> grieving families of cold case homicide victims now have a venue to find the killers. the channel will air a half hour special every month highlighting two different families. 12 of the cities 42 homicides this year remain unsolved. a 17-year-old was stabbed to death after leaving san jose high school february 15th. the hope is witnesses will come forward after watching the tv program. >> i hope that they see the hurt and the pain that it's caused me. th
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2